Please fill out a support ticket and provide as much detail.  

What you see  moments after the reading via online banking are only pre-authorizations, not a final charge.  

Pre-authorizations are needed to ensure that there are enough funds in your bank account to cover the potential final session fee. Please note that a pre-authorization is not an actual charge.  Instead, they are a temporary hold of funds within a client's bank/credit card account. These funds can either turn into a charge should the final fee match or be lower than the pre-authorized amount or will be automatically released after three to five business days.  

Note, if you had a Telephone Reading via our toll free number, the charges appear in blocks of time.  So 1 call does not equal 1 charge.  Rather, it is 1 block of time depending on the duration.  The reason for this is that you control the length of the call.